2014 Prices

Student Video Demo $295
Orchestra 3-camera video, 10-mics $650+


$250 setup
$25 per hour audio recording +
$25 two mics OR $100 eight mics (one time fee) +
$25 Single Videocamera per hour OR $125 per hour for three Videocameras

$100 Production Assistant (may be needed for some camera work)
$25 five discs (digital files no extra charge)
Add $1/minute post-production if any, parking


$295 Student or Musician Demo

Audio or video recording made for individual musicians needing a digital "demo tape" for marketing, competitions, auditions, and college applications. These recordings feature a solo musician usually accompanied by piano. Priority is placed on accurately portraying the musician's talent, rather than obscuring the performance with technical editing.

Several takes are recorded and can be played back to determine quality. Someone should be designated "producer" to be responsible for ensuring a good performance (the musician or teacher). Material should be well-prepared and rehearsed with accompanist before the session. The 2-hour session reflects a typical effective duration that a musician can play (free setup).

Other recordings such as an album requiring additional time can be accommodated at $1/minute past the 2-hour mark.

Venue or accompanist not included. Musician should secure a rehearsal hall or church sanctuary with piano. The larger the venue the better. Additional camera angles can be added for a flat $200 each additional camera ($1/min past 2 hours).

Multitrack recording allows for up to 16 microphones to capture various sound sources and distances, and for these separate tracks of audio to be mixed down later. This is recommended for live performance situations where ideal acoustics and mic placement are difficult, or for multiple instruments, or when the sound has to be of extremely high quality. Auditions/competitions require a single camera perspective with no breaks (they want proof of performing a movement without a break).



Orchestras, Ensembles

Arts organizations can benefit greatly from well-recorded video of their performances, by showing performance excerpts on their website, enhancing grant applications, convincing donors, and by capturing performances for historical record-keeping. While organizations are rarely able to sell CDs, applications for video are vast.

Multitrack recording is a must for large, live performances. Up to 16 sound sources can be recorded on separate tracks and mixed together later. Orchestras and choirs are recorded with customary modern classical techniques, however we can discuss if you have a preference (eg old fashioned Decca tree orchestra sound). We usually use a main stereo pair, complemented by flank, spot, and ambient mics. Mics brands used are Neumann, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, AKG, and Sony.

Multiple video cameras are recommended, as a large group has many focal points, and shots of the complete group make for small bodies and faces. As with audio, video is recorded separately and mixed together in post-production. Images are cross-faded and appropriate times, and titles of names added.

As most applications for video are not for broadcast or commercial DVD sales, cameras used are "pro-sumer" quality which offers great high-definition resolution for streaming websites. We have small cameras which can be inconspicuously placed on stage. Of course, we relinquish any rights or claims to this footage; you may use the video at your discretion (keeping in mind any copyrights, locations, and musician performance rights).

Includes ~2hr service, 5 discs OR digital files. “Multitrack audio” includes up to 16 separate mixable tracks, 48K-88.2K/24-bit digital format, mixdown/effects, optimized for classical music. We will need feeds from any singer's sound reinforcement mics. Pop music styles requiring isolated, studio sounds cannot be accommodated. Extensive post-production, mistake fixing, staging, and other A/V services are available. Parking and mileage for locations outside DFW extra.




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